by Digital marketing on April 22, 2023

It’s a risky business choosing a random nail paint shade in the salon and getting it done on your nails. Just because it looked good on the model in a magazine doesn’t mean it will suit you. Take time to pick your nail paint shade if you don’t want to instantly regret it.

Here are our tips for finding the right nail polish that will match your tone and complete your look:

Study your skin color

 A real fashionista knows it’s not easy to match your nail polish to your skin tone. It takes a lot for the nail paint you pick to flatter your tone. You need a real understanding of color contrast and matching palettes to find the ideal color that not only achieves the looks you have in mind but also accentuates it. Trendy girls come in all shades and undertones. What will suit a dusky girl won’t necessarily look good on an ivory one.

As a general rule of thumb, we go for the division of all kinds of complexions into three undertones these are warm, cold, and neutral. Ivory, porcelain and fair complexions are really easy to team up with, practically anything will suit you if you are this type. For bronze and honey skin shades, go for vibrant colors such as purple, blue, red, and maroon.

Skin complexions such as chestnut, deep, and espresso are categorized as warm undertones. Something like Ola! Candy Fleshed Up and Winter Snow makes the nail bed appear enlarged and nails pop in such tones. These dark Barbies look like divas in anything nude and matte.

 Mind the occasion

Right occasion warrants the right look and nail paints, being the make-or-break factor of any look, are to be chosen wisely. You don’t want to be a pop doll in an interview or won’t like dressing as an ascetic for a party. Your wedding nail color is no way going to be the same as your regular office one.

So, what should you wear for a particular occasion? Well, don’t be mind-boggled. Check the dominant theme; romantic events such as a first date or a dinner out will require something feminine like Flamingo or Morning Distraction.

Night events such as weddings or club outings are to be sozzled up with some bling and sparkle. Choose Love is Bling or Cocktail Dreams for such glittery affairs. For sophisticated meetings and interview settings, anything neutral like nude, beige, or taupe will set you right.

 Match the season vibe

I wouldn’t approve of you going around with broody shades on your nails in spring, similarly, glitters in the broad daylight of summer are not as apt. Seasons bring with them an aura, an energy, and an associated emotion. Spring has its charm and serenity while summer brings freshness and vivaciousness. For being the ‘it girl’ you are, you have to pass the season vibe check.

Go with something like ‘lilac it like that’ to match the flowery feel of the weather in spring. Olive You is perfect for twinning with the color of seawater on your summer beach vacation. For a cozy, Christmas-y feel in the winter, how about a deep red or a cold coffee shade?

Go for the personality your crave

Nobody wakes up feeling like yesterday ever, each day is a new vibe. If you are not feeling like the confident, outgoing, extrovert self you usually are, go for a softer, a less discreet look today with Sandy Buff or Lavender Lite.

If basic sounds boring to you for the day being, pick your quirky shade from Ola! Candy Jazzy Rose or Showy Silver.

Nail paints can literally define and create personalities. Some people give off elegant vibes, while some have an air of boldness around them, this is the magic of creating yourself through makeup.

If you want to be an edgy maiden, don coats of Dark Maiden along with your favorite black leather pants and you are all set; if you align with a princess mood today, Shell Princess is what we suggest for you.

 Winding up!

 I hope you have made up your mind by now and even if you haven’t, don’t think much. Just throw whatever shade feels right to you at the moment on your nails and keep experimenting. After all, who knows you can be the next trendsetter!

I bid you adieu.

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