How to Care for Your Nails this Monsoon?

by Renuka Bisht on October 17, 2023

How to Care for Your Nails this Monsoon?

As much as monsoons are enjoyable, they are to be embraced with a lot of precautions. For different people, they bring along a diverse array of health issues such as hair fall, fungal infections, and nail breakage. The increased humidity and dampness that characterize this time of the year can have a serious impact on the health and strength of your nails. Caring for your nails during the monsoon becomes crucial to prevent issues like brittleness, breakage, and fungal infections. Here are some of the tips that I gleaned through the internet and some of these are my personal practices that I am putting down here to help you keep your nails healthy:

Keep moisture away from nails

With higher humidity levels, nails tend to absorb more moisture, which can lead to weakening and breakage. It's essential to make sure your nails are thoroughly dried after exposure to rain or moisture. Pay extra attention to drying the undersides of your nails.

 Keep Them Clean

Gently cleaning your nails with a soft brush helps eliminate dirt and debris stuck in them. Making sure that you thoroughly clean your nails can significantly lower the risk of infections and help your nails remain healthy and lustrous.

 Regularly Trimm and File

Maintaining the right nail length is pivotal in preventing nail breakage, snagging, and accidental tears. To maintain the ideal length, trim your nails straight across and file the edges gently to smooth out any roughness.


Give your nails some nourishment

Natural oils like coconut oil, olive oil, and jojoba oil can be your best friends during the monsoon. These oils help replenish lost moisture and enhance the strength of your nails. A nightly routine of massaging a small amount of oil onto your nails and cuticles can work wonders in maintaining the health of your nails through tough monsoons.

 Avoid polishes loaded with chemicals

Humidity can make your nails more sensitive. opt for nail polishes and removers that are free from harsh chemicals like formaldehyde, toluene, and DBP. Choosing gentler products will keep your nails happy.

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Eat healthy for healthy nail

Just as your skin and hair require proper nutrition, your nails thrive on a balanced diet too. Including foods rich in vitamins, minerals, and protein—such as leafy greens, eggs, nuts, and fish—can significantly improve the health of your nails.

Your nails require hydration too

Drinking an adequate amount of water ensures that your nails remain hydrated from within. Well-hydrated nails are less prone to splitting, cracking, and other forms of damage.

Rubber gloves can help avoid water

When engaging in household chores that involve water or cleaning agents, wearing rubber gloves becomes a simple yet effective shield for your nails. It protects them from prolonged exposure to water and potentially harsh chemicals.

 Break Up with Biting and Picking

The urge to nibble on hangnails or peel off the chipped polish can be irresistible. However, these habits can wreak havoc on your nails and lead to infections. Opt for proper tools and techniques to maintain your nails.

Choose Breathable Nail Polish

Seek out breathable or water-based nail polishes that permit air and moisture to pass through. This prevents the trapping of moisture and reduces the risk of fungal growth.

Pamper Your Nails with a Mani

Treating yourself to a professional manicure can make a significant difference in maintaining the health of your nails. Regular cleanings and maintenance by experts can prevent common issues like ingrown nails and other forms of damage.

 In conclusion, the monsoon season doesn't have to mean bad news for your nails. With these easily accommodatable tips, you can ensure that your nails remain strong, healthy, and beautiful even amidst the humidity of inclement weather. Remember, consistent care and a little attention go a long way in preserving the natural beauty of your nails and by extension your hands throughout the year.

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