Step out in the perfect Ola Candy Pedicure

by Sunny Solanki on July 08, 2021

Summer is in and so is the sandal season. Now, you can no longer ignore the grooming of your feet. In addition to the aesthetic appeal it brings, grooming is absolutely essential to keep you feeling good and healthy. Beautiful hands and feet give you the confidence to dress up pleasantly and not hesitate to avoid certain clothing choices.

 However, it doesn’t just stop at the beauty angle, not taking proper care of your feet encourages stubborn calluses to grow which don’t leave even after much effort after a certain point of time. Moreover, avoiding pedicures can lead to painful ingrown toes and dry and scaly skin.

 Since you landed here, I am assuming you are already into self-care and pedicures are a part of your monthly beauty routine or you can be a rookie just starting out on your journey of maintaining yourself. This article is ideal for both types of you beauties as having the ability to do a pedicure at home not only cuts the hassles of visiting a salon and saves time and cash but gives us control over the process. You can customize the experience as per your needs, for instance, can buff the nails only to the extent needed, can take more time to exfoliate the soles of your feet, and have your favorite music plugged in. Now, let’s learn how to have your customized self-pedicure experience:

 Forget Hefty salon appointments:

 Say goodbye to the precariousness of getting a salon appointment in time and the hefty payouts for those sessions. With premium brands like Ideal and VLCC releasing affordable and effective pedicure kits for a homecare treatment, you can have a salon-like pedicure at home now.

To top it up, they come in waterless disposable safe systems, what this means is that they do not involve soaking and washing as in conventional pedicures. They are on-the-go grooming kits that you can travel with and can take out, suppose when you have an hour off in between your engagements, and treat your feet with the nourishment and moisturization that they so badly need.

Steps to utilize Ideal Waterless Pedicure Kit for flawless results:

Here’s this easy guide to nourished and polished feet with Ideal Waterless pedicure kit:

 1. First, clip your nails and sand them with the help of a nail buffer.

2. File them to your desired shape; this could be square, curved, or oval.

3. Now slip them into hygienic boots lined with high-performance cream that nourishes your foot and nail.

4. Wait for an adequate amount of time till the emollient seeps through your skin and infuses it with Keratin and Vitamin E.

5. After a minimum of 20 minutes or more, cut the boots and take out your moisturized feet. Dispose of the used Ideal pedicure boots.

6. Take your feet out and exfoliate the soles and the entire foot with a pumice stone for the dead skin to be scraped away.

7. Now that your cuticles are softened, use the cuticle pusher included in the kit to push them in, and apply some cuticle oil if you have any, don’t bother if you do not.

8. Varnish your toenails with your preferred nail polish and you are finished.



Now you realize, you don’t need to take time out of your busy schedule and book a salon appointment and can do an effective pedicure at your convenient time and your convenient place. Just cut and sand your toenails and slip your feet in the hygienic boot from the Ideal Pedicure kit and allow time for the emollient cream inside to penetrate your skin well. When you feel your feet have retained adequate moisturization and your cuticles are softened, cut the gloves, buff the soles, and slough off the dead skin. At last, file the toenails and finish off with your favorite nail paint.

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